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Coming in March its Superhero Month



Welcome True Believers and newcomers alike. The Strangers Bookshelf co-creator the Exuberant Enigma Eric here, Inviting you to join us here at The Strangers Bookshelf for Superhero Month coming March first. Where we find our heroes up to their eyeballs in non-stop four coloured fandom. With the major announcements that were made this past month from both DC (Convergence) and Marvel (Secret Wars)comics and the upcoming summer blockbusters the Avengers Age of Ultron (which is set to kick things off May 1) and Ant Man as well as the controversial re-imaging of the Fantastic Four. Let’s not forget the upcoming Netflix series Daredevil, Alias (Jessica Jones) and Heroes for Hire (Luke Cage) as well as the currently running great shows on prime time like, Arrow,Gotham, Flash, Peggy Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D . It has never been a better time to be a fan of superheroes.


We here at The Strangers Bookshelf decided we better get into the knock down and drag out Kirbyesque fray, with a few reviews on Superhero Fiction and non fiction literary works of our own. As well we will be testing our hand at fate and getting pummelled playing a few of the more popular superhero table top roleplaying games for your behalf. And of course what would true fandom be with out a few lists and recommendations of our own.


So don your capes this March and swoop into The Strangers Bookshelf for a lot of superhero goodness and while your at it come and check out our new Facebook page where we will have polls, trivia, artwork and a place where you can comment on you love for the Übermensch all ran by our very own femme fatale,The Strangers Bookshelf co-creator Karen the Kosmic Krusader. It doesn’t mater if you love DC, Marvel or any one of the smaller indie comic book imprints we are all inclusive here; So get ready for a true superhero action thriller, packed to the brim with thrills and chills, twists and turns, more super-villains than you can shake a stick at, and of course, non-stop super-powered, world shattering action.


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News Update Aug 13, 2013

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A quick news update. We would first off like to thank our followers for being patient with us for the moment, as we haven’t been posting as much as we would like for you, but unfortunately we were plagued not only with work constraints but with a few unfortunate issues with our apartment. Karen is already getting back to work on Karen’s Folktale Tidbits as well as getting some reviews ready. I am still continuing with the table top role playing games segments of our blog (research,research,research), and should also have more book reviews and articles forthcoming as well.  I am finally able pick up a few books to read, since the apartment situation is slowly getting fixed. It has been a hectic time believe me and I am suffering from severe book withdrawal. It is not a pleasant thing having book withdrawal, as all the bookstores shut there doors when I go by because I am moaning and drooling. They are afraid that when I enter their premise, I want to fondle the literature and get a dreamy look in my eyes. So remember to always have a book handy at your side, so you don’t get book withdrawal.

In other news, We have decided to review Pen and Raper Role playing manuals, campaign guides in addition to our usual books and manga, as I have noticed that a lot of fantasy and Horror readers have Role Playing game manuals on their shelves, right beside the imported manga and the miniature Dr Who Tardis “yes I have been peeking on your bookshelf”. I have also found some really cool craft ideas that I would like to share with you as well, so get ready to pull out your hobby tools because it is going to get interesting.

So stay tuned to see more things of wonderment here on The Strangers Bookshelf


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