The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor pad – a review

Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad

The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad by Minister Faust

Sometimes when coming across a new novel, you come across something new and different and it intrigues you and draws you in. Finding The Coyote kings of the Space age Bachelor pad is one of these times. Let me first of say if you aren’t into Geek Culture, and pushing taboos both literate and otherwise than this book is not for you. Other that that you are looking at a wonderful one of a kind novel that turns the fantasy and Sci-fi genre right on it’s head and gives you a truly different reading experience.

The story is about Hamza who is a Somali-Canadian dishwasher that lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada with his best friend and roommate Yehat who is a Trinidadian-Canadian video store clerk. Hamza is a ex-writer and disgraced undergrad who lost pretty much every thing in life including his girlfriend, he is even questioning his faith in Islam and God until a mysterious  woman by the name of Sherem shows up into his life quoting obscure comics and Star Wars quotes and who has a knack for arcane African languages, is asking him to help look for a lost artifact. With the help of Yehat who is basically a Tony Stark in training (IE. super-genius), they search for this strange object which is also being sought by coiffed collectors and criminal cultists all who have their own reasons to obtain this ancient relic.

This novel is filled with everything from a band of evil super nerds, cannibals, cool gadgets, and even a tomb raid. What I also found really interesting is that Minister Faust tells the story from several view points of different characters. He does it in such a way that all the characters have different views and feelings and that unlike other novels of this type the characters all sound and feel different. For some readers this can be a hard way to read a novel but trust me it works. Faust when introducing a new character starts the chapter with a RPG character sheet of that character, (If you love D&D and other Role playing games this will really get your geekdom on). I also felt that the relationship between Hamza and Yehat would remind any fan of the Big Bang Theory of the relationship between Leonard (Hamza) and Sheldon (Yehat). What  I found most fascinating is that Minister Faust created ethnically diverse heroes, that actually breaks the barriers of most Fantasy and Science Fiction, and shows that no matter where you are from and what your beliefs are, we are all equal and have similar interests and feelings, here is a couple of examples Hamza and Yehat opened up there own community camp to help children of all ages and races, and Hamza and his Islamic upbringing tries to shed a new light on what is unfortunately a very taboo subject in the western world, and shows that even other beliefs and cultures have similar likes and interests

Of course with any novel there is downsides, for instance I found when Minister Faust was trying to use Jamaican speech dialect with one of the main characters it was very hard to read and actually detracted from the story a bit. ( If you have ever read any of Irving Welsh Scottish heavy novels like Glue and Porno you will totally under stand what I mean it was that undecipherable at times). Also the pacing was a little off in places, the novel really doesn’t pick up until the second half.

Overall if you an inner geek who played D&D and loved comics, and cult moves, or some one who really wants to read something new and different in the Fantasy/Science-fiction realm than The Coyote kings of the Space age Bachelor pad is defiantly a book that I would try out.

Minister Faust

Minister Faust



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