A quick NEWS update

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Karen has started a folklore tidbits page and will be adding to it weekly. We also started running a lists page so you can have a bit more help in deciding what is new and interesting on the Stranger’s Bookshelf, and maybe one of these selections might find it’s way to your shelf. I am also still working on a few reviews, and other posts which should be posted soon, as it seams that we have finally got the website/blog to where we like it visually for a start, talk about a lot of trial and error. It also doesn’t help that I have been working on my own personal blog (that favors fantasy, Wuxia and RPG Games “Link coming soon” that will be a sister site to this one) at the same time, Also we have been playing a few new MMORPG’s and the new State of Decay video game,after which playing for several game hours I can so totally see that  I wouldn’t be able to survive a zombie apocalypse any time soon.  So thank you for bearing with us here on the stranger’s bookshelf.



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