Folklore Tidbits – The Hand Of Glory



This title is in reference to the severed right hand taken from a hanged corpse, this was considered as a talisman/charm with significant magical powers. The hand was actually preserved and dried and the hand and fingers were covered in wax and fashioned into a type of candle, this could then be set alight.  One of the legend states that the hand of glory was used by superstitious thieves till around the 18th century, allowing them to paralyze their victims with fright while they went about their deeds. This myth lasted till around 1832. We have added a few reading recommendations below so you can follow up in more detail on this folklore tale.

The Ingoldsby Legends by Thomas Ingoldsby

The Haunters and the Haunted by Ernest Rhys


Early Modern Supernatural by Jane P Davidson

This is a real Hand of Glory  Author unknown

This is a real Hand of Glory
Author unknown



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