News update: Some new and upcoming books I am excited about

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OK This year I am totally excited about what is going on in the world of Horror and Fantasy fiction. Three of my favorite authors are bringing out books which I can’t wait to get my hands on, although my wallet is on the verge of suffering something terrible. The first author Joe Hill already released Nos4a2 earlier this year, and yes I was at the bookstore with bells on my feet on the day of it’s release. I read it, loved it and I mean really loved it, I almost read it twice over and I could go on and on about this book(review forthcoming), and the only thing I am pissed off about is why oh why couldn’t I have gotten the special limited edition from Subterranean Press with full color illustrations from Gabriel Rodriguez who is Joe Hill’s collaborator on the Locke & Key comic book series. (insert pulling out hair and swearing loudly here)


The next author who I am excited about is Neil Gaiman. His new book The ocean at the End of the Lane will be due out in 18 days 7 hours. His first Adult novel since Anansi Boys. Neil’s novel American Gods is one of my all time favorite Novels. I read it with an encyclopedia of mythology and folklore beside me which really helped (and I have a really good knowledge of folklore and mythology). I have to tell you that man knows his stuff especially mythology and folklore is concerned, and I really love how he portrays the Gods and what they represent.  I am currently reading Neverwhere to get myself in the mood for his new book.


Lastly there is The King of all horror, Stephen king (Stupid pun I know, But I really do love this man’s work). King is releasing a sequel to one of his most favorite works The Shining . The novel is called Dr Sleep and will be released on September 24 (“why not earlier” I say, as I stamp my feet in utter protest “I caaan’t Waaait”). Just a side note IT is coming up to it’s thirty year anniversary, and I am hoping that Pennywize will rise again, as it is thirty years later. Maybe Mr King will have something up his sleeve for us (fingers crossed), “Because we all float down here!”




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